“Get busy living, or get busy dying”



Am surprised at the sheer shady approach some people have towards life and happiness.

“Partying every night of the week, minting money and more money, making holiday plans far in to the future”, how exotic!

Yet there comes that moment in life when the emptiness seeps in, then begins the phase of depression. But how often have we played the right card of choices.

A few drams of whiskey and a good nights’ sleep, period. Does that still satiatethe void ?

Sadly, today we live in a world where everyone is in the rat race, playing catch up with the who’s who of that bracket. Money has now not only become a means, but an end to itself, more lugubriously a goal, the only one. To some, money literally buys happiness, but is it?

How often have you taken the effort to pause for one second, and ask yourself, is…

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